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Duplication forms not detected



This is second year I am using Turbo Tax to file my returns. While for the most part I would say your software is easy to navigate to  enter the details and complete the forms and eventually file I have a complaint.


It's very basic. How is it that when Turbo Tax checks all the information entered, duplicate checks were missed.


I got an email from Intuit that they found a "Duplicate entry" of my interest deduction income. I eventually amended the return and have filed the federal and state returns. I am glad that eventually this error was caught. But 2 1/2 months after I had filed say in early March. I used the email and amended the "fed and state" returns and made the payments that too on July 4th. 


Let's get back to the error.  I had entered ( number by number) a duplicate of an interest deduction.  How could Turbo Tax not catch this when the software makes regular checks when calculating and figuring out the tax returns. In fact  definitely at the last step it mentions that a "quick review" was being done.


 Every entry in the form was a duplicate of another entry.


I would hope going forward that you would be able to correct this and catch these types of "highly possible routine errors" when tax forms are being filed.


I distinctly remember while completing the tax returns, I had difficulty in making sure my stock transactions ( there were many of them last year) were correctly calculated and entered by your software. It turned out right. But getting to the stock sales section of the tax forms where all these information was stored were hard to get to.  So  was finding out the interest deductions.


So please make sure that the "deductions section" and the "stock sales section" can be easily checked by the tax filer.  In this case I was filing for myself. I found it hard and I think I even mentioned it my feed back.


 I don't want to get a "CRITICAL Alert" from Turbo Tax  2 1/2 months later there was an issue with a duplicate entry.  When your software in one of it's "final steps" mentions that it's "checking all the info" I hope you would do so with "duplicate entries" as well. That would help us all.


 The Turbo Tax software edition I am using is either "Deluxe" or "Premier"




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Duplication forms not detected

@Srivatsan - I've seen  a number of these sorts of posts about the duplicates... and here is my hypotheiss of what occured..


the taxpayer filled out the tax return and submitted it.  No duplicates were apprarent on the screen or on the copy of the tax return that the taxpayer print / placed in a *PDF.


But the data that transmitted to the IRS created these duplicates, which obviously were not apparent or evident to the taxpayer looking at the computer screen or PDF file. 


One would assume and trust that  the transmitted file is an EXACT reflection of what the taxpayer sees on the screen or is documented to the saved PDF file... But what if that wasn't true? 


Can you actually see the duplicate in your PDF file? 

Duplication forms not detected

It wasn't you.  There was a Turbo Tax glitch.  On 6/30/23 Turbo Tax posted about duplicate 1098 forms



And they may have sent out an email giving you a credit according to this post


New Member

Duplication forms not detected

Thanks for the reply ( and query).


No I saw the duplicate entries before I started preparing the amended tax return.  No the "data transmitted to the IRS" didn't create these duplicates. I must have entered this when beginning my tax filing ( by mistake).  I had to enter about 3 or 4 numbers into the tax form ( that was issued by a bank).  Every entry was the same ( as in the other form that I had entered). So Turbo Tax should have asked me to check on this when "reviewing" my tax returns....  

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