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Amending 2021 1040

I downloaded the 2021 Turbo tax to amend 2021, which was done by a CPA.  I entered 2021 infor to match the original, yet in the review at the end its attributed it all to the amended return and shows the orginal  as zero. Any clues as to how I got to this point?


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Amending 2021 1040

Did you fill out the cpa filed return first before you started to amend?  Try starting over by starting a new return, go up to File-New.  And ignore this wrong one.


To amend a return you did somewhere else or you don't have the original.tax file,  you would first have to fill out Turbo Tax like you are doing the original return.  You have to recreate the actual wrong original return.  Then when it matches each line that you really filed you have to tell Turbo Tax you will mail it so it thinks it was filed.  Then you can amend it.



Amending 2021 1040

Thanks.  I think I got suckered into selecting "need to amend return".  Good news is second time around will be easier.  Thanks for the quick response.

Amending 2021 1040

Some more info.  

The amended return is only for the difference you get back or owe.  I think the cover sheet shows what the original return WOULD have been if you did it right the first time.


Go by the actual 1040X.  Line 18 should be your original refund amount and line 22 should be your additional refund.  If you paid on your original return it will be on line 16.  If there is an amount owed with the amendment, it will be on line 20.


If you have a tax due, do not send the 1040V.  Just include a check with the 1040X.  Ignore the 1040V.  That is for the original return or what the original return would have been if it didn’t need correcting.  Don’t pay the amount on the 1040V.  Pay the amount on the actual 1040X line 20.

Amending 2021 1040



If you are using the downloaded program switch to the FORMS mode and look at the 1040X ... if columns A & C are the same and reflect the original return and column B is empty  then in the FORMS mode simply delete the 1040X so you don't need to start all over.   Once the 1040X is gone you can start the amendment again and make the required changes.  

Amending 2021 1040

Start with a NEW return.  Finish it, verify that it matches your old return exactly, print a copy, then save and quit.  Then reopen the file and select amend.


The desktop program can have multiple tax returns as separate data files just like having multiple word processing documents on your computer. 

*Answers are correct to the best of my ability at the time of posting but do not constitute legal or tax advice.*
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Amending 2021 1040

In order to amend a return with TurboTax, you must have created "AND FILED" the original return with TurboTax. What you do, is use TurboTax to recreate the original return as filed. Then select the option to "print and mail" the return. Then actually print the return. This is the only way to "trick" the program into believing you actually filed the original return with TurboTax.

After you print it, compare the return you prepared with TurboTax, with the return filed by your CPA. Every single line (no exceptions) mutch match exactly. If they do not match, then either you or the CPA did something wrong. You can not amend until the TurboTax return "exactly" matches your CPA filed return. Otherwise, you will create a never-ending nightmare for yourself with the IRS, from which you will never awaken.



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