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Why 2441 Form can not be removed and how to fix it.

I recently had an issue when e-filing with Turbo Tax. The system showed a Need Review message for Dependant Care Spending (2441 Form). Unlike other forms from the list, you will see an EDIT button on the right side to click for modifying or deleting. My Dependant Care Spending form only has a Start button on the right side which forces me to fill something in it. I first tried to follow the Community answer on how to remove form 2441 on my end but failed. Then I had a phone meeting with an Expert for a couple of hours but the problem didn't fix and was told this is a software issue that the Turbo Tax team is trying to resolve before the end of this August. I could either wait until August or just do the paper filing since the tax number was calculated correctly but just this 2441 form is still there bothered me to do an e-file.  I didn't want to wait until then so decided to figure something out on my own. The system showed my 2021 year W2's Dependant Care Spending was $0 but my 2022 year W2 is $2322. I assumed this is the cause for the system to believe I had Dependant Care Spending of $2322 in 2022 so the 2441 form is not able to be deleted. I took out my 2021 and 2022 paper W2 to compete then I found both W2's Box 10 for Dependant Care Benefit are $0. But both W2's Box 14 show $2322 for Health Care Benefits. So here's the issue, for the 2021 tax return I manually keyed in the number when I did the W2 so it didn't trigger the form 2441 at all, but for 2022 this time I scanned the W2 and uploaded it, but the system mistakenly put the Box 14's amount to the Box 10 as Dependant Care Benefits. I simply deleted the $2322 from Box 10 then keyed in $2322 to Box 14 and named it Health Care Benefit then go back to click the Tools icon on the left side to bring up the Form list on the right side and scroll down find the form 2441 and delete it successfully. Then I did the final review and didn't show up the Need to Review message anymore and E-filled my return without a problem.      

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Level 15

Why 2441 Form can not be removed and how to fix it.

I'm glad you were able to figure out the problem. Thanks for letting us know.

As you have seen, the process of entering a W-2 from a scan or a photo is not perfect. You have to check all the entries after you do it.


Why 2441 Form can not be removed and how to fix it.

True, we should always check the entry, but without going through this issue which was a pretty headache for me, I will never recognize scanning W2 is not the perfect way but isn't it should be or could've been?  As a user, we assume we are having an accurate function, right?



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