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W4 and Filing Status Inquiry

I'm about to start a new job in a new state and would like to ask some questions before submitting my W4.


Background: I am not married and have filed as head of household for a number of years since my elderly parent lived with me and I claimed her as dependent. Parent passed away during Q1. I intent to file federal taxes as head of household once tax season comes due to my mother living with me part of the year.


Currently: I am moving to a new state for a new job and I need to fill out my W4 this week. Should I enter single or head of household? I don't have a living dependent any longer so single seems logical. I am unsure if selecting single affects anything once I go to file my federal taxes for 2023.  Should I elect head of household and just not add any dependents? I'm unsure on what to do W4 wise.



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W4 and Filing Status Inquiry

Select Single on the W-4 which makes sure that you have enough taxes withheld for 2023.  The filing status you select on the W-4 has no bearing on the Filing Status you select on a tax return.

W4 and Filing Status Inquiry

Since you plan to file HOH for 2023, you could file your W-4 as HOH, but then you would need to give your employer an updated W-4 as single to start January 2024.  If you just give a w-4 as single, you won't have to update it.  You may have a bit of excess income tax withheld for the remainder of 2023 but that will come back to you as a refund.   Remember that the W-4 doesn't change the tax you eventually owe, it just changes how much you pay in advance.  

*Answers are correct to the best of my ability at the time of posting but do not constitute legal or tax advice.*

W4 and Filing Status Inquiry

@Mel2023 the W-4 is set to mimic the tax return.   Filling out the W-4 to reflect the tax return will minimze the amount you owe or get as a refund comes April.  That assumes your income is all W-2 (or you make the appropriate adjustment in Step 4).


Only because it is so late in the year, I would fill it out as "single" - because in 2024 that will be your filing status. thne you won't have to change it comes January. 


 Otherwise, I would do HOH on the W-4 so that the refund is minimized. 


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