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Foreign Earned Income exclusion

I worked in the UAE from Jan - June 2016.  The UAE does give W-2 but I do have an earned statement fro my employer.  I have entered this information on my tax but it is not calculating it correctly.  The form is saying the my wage in the US and the UAE are both foreign income earned
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Foreign Earned Income exclusion

Try just entering your W-2 and note the last bullet point below:

How to Enter Foreign Income

• Go to Federal Taxes

• Select Wages & Income

• Click I'll choose what I work on

• Scroll down the page to the last section Less Common Income and select Show More

• Select Start to the right of Foreign Earned Income and Exclusion

• Go through this section and enter the income that you earned abroad

Please note: if you received a W-2, it should be flagged as foreign income in the follow-up questions of the W-2 entry.  You need to check the box indicating that you worked outside the U.S. 

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