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Form 8962 Premium Tax Credit: I e-filed in May; IRS sent me letter requesting copies of 8962 and 1095-A

regarding TurboTax 2021:


First off, I reviewed the forum about form 8962 before posting. Looks like there were a lot of problems early-on with that form, but I didn't file until mid-May. Hopefully those problems were resolved by then.


A little background: I filed MFJ with my wife using TurboTax. Also filed a separate return for my 23 y.o. daughter. We (as a family) held an ACA policy for the first 5 months of 2021. We applied as a family because at the time, my daughter was in school and counted as a dependent. As 2021 progressed, she cut back school and increased her work, so she no longer counted as a dependent at the end of the 2021 tax year.  Thus, we filed a separate return for her. That means we got one 1095-A form covering the three of us, and it had to be divided between her return and mine & my wife's. 


I have to admit, I was astounded when I saw how we divvy things up for this situation, and the idea ran through my mind that it must be a nightmare for the IRS to reconcile this info from two different tax returns.


Another bit that I found amazing was that you can allocate the amounts from the 1095-A anyway you want between the two different form 8962's, as long as both add up to 100%. So, I ran some various scenarios (different percentages between me and my daughter) and saw our total taxes change dramatically. It was most advantageous for both of us for me to take 0%, and let my daughter take 100%. 


We both e-filed in mid-May. My daughter's return was accepted immediately, and she had her refund in about 10 days. My return was accepted, then showed "processing" for about 3 months. And then, I got the IRS letter last week.


The letter states that 8962 Part II columns a, b, or f don't match my 1095-A. They are requesting copies of my 1095-A and my form 8962.


So, I've gotten those items out to look over. First thing I'll say is that on my 8962, Parts I, II, and III have no entries whatsoever. I believe this is because I took 0% allocation in Part IV. My daughter's 8962 has all the normal entries for Parts I, II, and III. Part IV on both our forms reflects her taking 100% and me taking 0%. Line 30 in Part IV on both forms is filled out correctly, referencing policy number and each other, with SSN's.


If anybody has any comments on this, I'd like to hear them. In particular, did TurboTax fill out my 8962 correctly, leaving Parts I, II, and III blank because I took a 0% allocation? Anybody else heard of this situation? I'm wondering if I just supply what they asked, or add some narrative and highlights to the submitted forms to help clarify?


I have a sizeable refund being held up because of this matter.


Thanks for any input you can offer.

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Form 8962 Premium Tax Credit: I e-filed in May; IRS sent me letter requesting copies of 8962 and 1095-A

Sadly this is a big issue for the IRS to reconcile both returns form 8962  so I would write back with that information on the daughter's return. 

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Form 8962 Premium Tax Credit: I e-filed in May; IRS sent me letter requesting copies of 8962 and 1095-A

Thanks for the reply. 


I tried visiting my local IRS office as a walk-in today, but no-go. (I'd make an appointment, but I've had 100% failure to get to a live agent to book the appointment every time I've tried recently.  Was successful once previously as a walk-in, but not today.) Always get the message ". . .due to unusually high call volume . . . try back tomorrow." Also failed in the same manner when trying to call the number on the letter to ask questions. So, I guess I'm reduced to just responding to this letter with what they asked for. I'd like to include the daughter's 8962, but they didn't ask for that and I don't think I can include that without some kind of permission form filled out. They specifically asked for copies of my 1095-A and 8962. Any thoughts on providing some highlights of relevant fields and a narrative of things to help explain it? Or should I just supply what was requested, and nothing more?

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