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Can I write off my new glasses

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Can I write off my new glasses

If you have a prescription for your glasses, they fall under medical expenses. The medical expense can be difficult to deduct because the total amount is limited by 10% of your income and they're part of the itemized deductions, so you must itemize to deduct any benefit. However, you can enter your expenses and the software will calculate everything for you. 

When you go to the medical section, the software will tell you the total amount of medical expenses you'd need to enter to impact your return. To enter: Federal Takes >>> Deductions & Credits >>> Medical


Can I write off my new glasses

That is a valid medical expense deduction. Will it give you any tax benefit? Probably not. Why? . Only the amount of medical expense itemized deductions that are more than 10% of your adjusted gross income (under 65) or 7.5% (65 or over) are deducted. Also, itemized deductions provide no tax benefit until all of them added together are more than the standard deduction for your filing status.
2016 Standard Deduction
Taxpayer under 65, not claimed as a dependent
$6,300 for Single
$12,600 for Married Filing Jointly, or Qualifying Widow(er) with dependent child
$9,300 for Head of Household
$6,300 for Married Filing Separately
For over 65 or blind, add $1,250 for each instance or add
$1,550 each instance if single and not a surviving spouse.
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