Underpayment penalty - Minnesota
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Returning Member

Underpayment penalty - Minnesota

Annoyed! I paid in withholding and estimated taxes to qualify for what is referred to as safe harbor in MN as the total was $1 more than tax owed for 2019. But Turbo somehow decided I had not evenly paid it over the year and calculated a $31 late underpayment penalty. I was willing to pay that and get my taxes done. I paid for the state e-filing and after payment, Turbo now tells me I cannot e-file the state with the underpayment statement form the chose to use and I must file by mail. How do I get my money back? And filing by mail, believe me I will not be paying a penalty!

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Employee Tax Expert

Underpayment penalty - Minnesota

Please go back to your state estimated payments and ensure that the correct date paid was entered for each quarterly estimated payment. It might have defaulted to a date paid of 7/15/2020 for the first two estimates. Per the 2020 M15 Instructions, the due dates were 4/15/20, 7/15/20, 9/15/20  and 1/15/21. If the dates are not correct, it could trigger an underpayment penalty. Therefore, please enter the actual dates you paid the estimates. I have attached a picture below for additional guidance. 



To review your estimates entered, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Open your tax return.
  2. Search for estimated tax payments with the magnifying glass tool on the top of the page. 
  3. Click on the Jump to estimated tax payments link at the top of the search results.
  4. Click on Continue next to State estimated taxes for 2020.
  5. Ensure all information (especially the date paid) is accurate.
New Member

Underpayment penalty - Minnesota

I did underpay and deserve a penalty.

You do not support this, but you charged me for state before you told me that.





Returning Member

Underpayment penalty - Minnesota

I was surprised that I owed a penalty, so double-checked that my Minnesota estimated taxes were entered correctly. On the interview screen, it looked alright.  So I saved a copy of the return, but have not mailed it in.

As I look at it more closely, I see that TT does not show my estimated taxes correctly.   And since I paid (stupid, I now know), I can't even go back and check again or make any adjustments.


I think TT is broken, at least for Minnesota returns with estimated taxes.  I will have to do this by hand now.

Can I please get a refund?



Can I get my money back please?

Returning Member

Underpayment penalty - Minnesota

And just to be a little more precise,  on line 14, of four M15, "Credits", where the estimated taxes should show up,  TT has   0 for column A and  0 for column B; the number in column C is the sum of my actual payments for the first 3 periods, and column D has some number which I haven't been able to figure out yet. 

New Member

Underpayment penalty - Minnesota

Similar issue, I owe penalty for MN and TT asked if I wanted to annualize my MN income to try and reduce the amount which I said no since it tells you that you cannot electronically file if you annualize your income.  After buying the state electronic filing TT rejects my return saying I used the Underpayment Statement (which TT did some calculation on and filled in M15 line 22) and have to mail my return.  I can't override what it did.


Obviously need a refund of the state filing fee and very unhappy that it looks like I may need to mail my return. 


TT fix your programing error!  

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