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trying to file my state tax

Hi , 

I am trying to fill out my state tax return for 2017 and I am stuck, I keep hitting download or continue and nothing happens, could you help me with that?

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Level 20

trying to file my state tax

Your tax indicates that you are using a Mac.


First, try restarting the Mac.  If that does not help then:

Corruption could have occurred in the Application or in an associated preference or support file.

The best remedy is to totally uninstall TurboTax and all associate files and then re-install. That will not delete or change any .tax2018 data file that had already been created with the tax data.

To uninstall the application and all associated files need to be deleted and then the application reinstalled. If there was a state then the state must also be reinstalled.

Here is a FAQ for how to uninstall Mac