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New Member

Temporary work question

I live in Florida and work for a company based in Florida. My company just allowed for us to work up to 90 days elsewhere from our primary residence. I have a vacation townhouse in VA. My drivers license is Florida, I vote in Florida and I will not change that. If I work remotely from Virginia for the 90 days will I have to pay state taxes?

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New Member

Temporary work question

I appreciate the response but I’ve seen this and it doesn’t really answer my question. The part I’m hung up on is what is meant by “a place of abode”. I own the townhouse in Virginia so I have property that I own all year around. Right now I only go there on vacation. I haven’t worked there. Is simply owning the residence in VA even though I don’t live there or work from there full time mean that I have to pay VA state taxes if I do work from there even if the days I do work from there are less than the 183 days?  Seems like I need to consult with an accountant as this doesn’t seem to be a simple answer. 

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Temporary work question

Yes. Any money you earn while physically present in Virginia is considered to be Virginia source income and taxable to the state.


The residency rules apply to what type of return you need to file — resident or nonresident. If you worked in Virginia for two weeks you would file a nonresident return.


Virginia says:
*Taxable income from Virginia sources includes "income from the practice of a trade or business in Virginia" and includes, but is not limited to, wages and salaries earned while in Virginia, income from a business operating in Virginia, rental income from a property in Virginia, etc.


What Form Should I File | Virginia Source Income

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Temporary work question

@Sansjim you will file a Virginia income tax form and complete the non-resident form paying taxes on the income earned while living in VA.


Normally, tax payers in this situation would complete a tax return in the state they permanently reside in, and get a credit for the taxes paid to the non-residential state so that the same dollar is not taxed in both states.  In this case that won't occur because FL does not have a state income tax system.

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