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Unable to efile my NY State tax 2021

My federal taxes are e-filed, but I cannot submit my NY State taxes through e-file? Simple W-2 for a non-resident and I've paid $50 be to notified  I should have gone to the post office. I used turbo-tax for the ease of doing an e-file and am only informed that you don't provide this functionality AFTER I pay for the service.  I should have filled out the form at the post-office and mailed it direct. Is this a bug that is being fixed or just a shoddy business practice?

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Level 7

Unable to efile my NY State tax 2021

No, it is neither a bug nor a poor (as you said it, "shoddy") business practice. The IRS is not beginning to accept any returns for processing until February 12th, 2021 for tax year 2020. Therefore, neither are most all States as there are very few that now allow filing independent of the confirmed acceptance of the associated federal return - this is mandated now by the IRS and has not always been the case. In addition, most States have not yet finalized their tax forms and as they are finalizing, we are receiving these updates. But still returns will not begin to be accepted until the 12th as I previously stated.


You are correct in that you could have gone to the Post Office and mailed your returns, but you would be no better off and more than likely worse off had you done so. E-filing is truly now the best, most efficient, and safest way for you to file your returns. This particular year has just created some set-backs in filing - either way. 

Level 1

Unable to efile my NY State tax 2021

Thank you. I will sit patiently until the 12th and then try and do the e-file again. 

Level 3

Unable to efile my NY State tax 2021

OK, today is the 12th and I tried to efile my federal business taxes and TurboTax says the season isn't open yet. What is going on with TurboTax this year!!!! this is the worst it has been.

Employee TurboTax Specialist

Unable to efile my NY State tax 2021

The government is still finishing up certain forms. Please see the FAQ provided below for IRS forms availability. If you are using TurboTax Desktop, you need to run updates. TurboTax Online should have the updates automatically. If you do that and the form still isn't available, then it has not been released at the projected time. The dates shown are projected, but not guarantees:


State forms availability table for TurboTax individual (personal) tax products

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