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Is Schedule K-1 the same as NJK-1 (New Jersey)? Thanks.

I received a Schedule K-1 but did not received an NJK-1.  TurboTax is asking me if I received an NJK-1, and I'm not sure if I should yes or no.  And when I try to answer no, it gives me follow-up questions which I'm not sure how to answer.  Thanks.
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Is Schedule K-1 the same as NJK-1 (New Jersey)? Thanks.

Since you live in New Jersey, then you may need Form NJK-1.


It appears that residency of partners as well as business activity in New Jersey could require Form NJK-1. See the Instructions for NJ-1065 Partnership Return and New Jersey Partnership NJK-1 beginning on page 7


Since you do not have this Schedule, the recommendation from the 2019 NJ-1040 Instructions is to enclose the federal Schedule K-1 and complete Reconciliation Worksheet A in GIT-9P, Income From Partnerships


You may want to contact whoever prepared the Partnership to make them aware of the requirement.