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"enter your 2018 tax"...?

Hi, this question should be simple – I think – I'm a DE resident, but earned all my income in PA, same as last year. Most of my info was imported automatically from last year. But at the beginning of the DE return, it says "you may owe an underpayment penalty...enter your 2018 Delaware tax from last year's tax return." 

Is it asking for the balance due, or the total tax? I would've guessed the total tax, but the number that autopopulated was the balance due. The 2 numbers are vastly different because the credit I got from having PA income tax taken out throughout the year almost totally cancelled out the DE tax.

I just don't want it to seem like I owed x and only paid y and get a massive penalty, even though I followed the rules and paid my balance due last year.

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Employee Tax Expert

"enter your 2018 tax"...?

It is asking for the total tax due.


Make sure you have prepared the nonresident tax return first.  Then the credit for the state taxes paid to PA will pull into your Delaware return.  This may eliminate any messages about the underpayment penalty as the credit will be included as a payment and the total amount of taxes due will be much lower.


Filing a nonresident state return

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