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New Member

Illinois Property Tax, not receiving a credit for 2020

Made under 100K in 2020, paid over $3000 in property tax in 2020 but for some reason I am not receiving the property tax credit this year, shows 0 credit, first time I have never qualified for the credit... Anyone else having this issue? Thanks 

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Employee Tax Expert

Illinois Property Tax, not receiving a credit for 2020

The property tax credit is nonrefundable, meaning that it can only offset any tax you owe, and you can't get a refund of the credit amount. 

It's also possible that you don't qualify this year, or that you input information in TurboTax that makes the program believe that you don't qualify.

Please see Publication 108, Illinois Property Tax Credit for possible issues you may be encountering.

Returning Member

Illinois Property Tax, not receiving a credit for 2020

I just came across the same issue.  There is an error in TurboTax.  My Illinois return shows a preperty tax credit of zero.  On schedule ICR, which is used to compute the credit, the credit is properly computed on line 4g.  Then on line 5 it says to take the lesser of line 4g and line 3 (tax due before nonrefundable credits).  The amount TurboTax put in there is zero.  Clearly an error.  I suggest you fill out your own Illinois form, if you have not already filed, put the correct amount in line 5 (most likely the amount from line 4g).  Adjust line 6 of schedule ICR and follow the changes onto the IL-1040 so you can take the credit.  It is near the end of the return, so there will not be that many lines to change.


If you have filed without taking the credit, you should be able to file an amended return.


I have been doing my state return for years (this is the first year using TurboTax) and that is definitely an error.  As long as you have tax due you can take the credit.  (It is nonrefundable, so the credit is limited to the tax due before the credit.)


I can't find any way to contact TurboTax to report this error, but hopefully someone monitors this board.

Level 15

Illinois Property Tax, not receiving a credit for 2020

@lennysoffer  I have flagged your post for the Moderator, although I haven't seen any other reports of this error. But, if you are using TT desktop, be sure to run a program update.

New Member

Illinois Property Tax, not receiving a credit for 2020

I have the same problem. I am using turbotax on the web (Safari). I just spent an hour on the phone with turbotax support and they couldn’t figure out how to get to the schedule ICR to correct the error. Illinois accepted my return last night and then this morning they said Illinois rejected it because the property number was zero. It is so frustrating. I hope they fix this bug.

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