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How to Clear and Start Over 2020 State Return?

I am using 2020 TT Deluxe CD/Download Windows. My Federal return is completed but not eFiled. The software then asked if I wanted to start my state return.


I am partially into the state return step-by-step but  need to clear it, start over and choose married filing jointly. I see lots of instructions for the online people but no instructions for my software. How can I begin my state tax return over in order to choose married filing jointly? (VERY worried I might mess up my Federal return.) Thanks for any help!

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Level 15

How to Clear and Start Over 2020 State Return?

Which state?


Many states do not allow you to use a different filing status than what you used on the federal.  If your state does not allow that, the software will not give you that option.

Level 4

How to Clear and Start Over 2020 State Return?

Thank you for responding and maybe you can help (see below). I’m using TurboTax Deluxe Cd/Download Windows. 

I’m filing a 2020 Montana state return and it was TT that said Married Filing Separately was the most advantageous. After sleeping on it, I decided to bite the bullet and spent the whole weekend allocating the percentage of each and every entry made in 2019 - what a pain in the neck! 

Now my problem is that even though I went through the step-by-steps to itemize on Federal (as we do each year so the info will feed into our state return), I’ve reached a screen MONTANA ITEMIZED DEDUCTIONS MFSC that says: To itemize deductions on your Montana return you must go back to your federal return and enter your federal itemized deductions there.” I already did that weeks ago and I have even printed out 2020 1040 Schedule A and the 2020 Itemized Deductions Schedule for Montana. All the info is right there but TT says I have to do it again. 

Sorry, but after a whole weekend on this State return I cannot believe there is a mistake in the 2020 software. I did the 2019 returns and everything flowed perfectly so I know it has to be this year’s software. Thank you for any help you can give me. 

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