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New Member


When my job was cut I rolled my 401K into a regular IRA. I got a 1099R showing the total distribution with no taxable amount in 2a, nor was any tax with held. where do i show that those dollars were rolled into an IRA if I try to say it was a deposit into an IRA it says to much

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Level 15


No do not enter it as a new IRA contribution.  Just enter the 1099R.  After you enter it then it will ask you what you did with it.  What code is in box 7?  If it is a G that means direct rollover and that's all you need to tell it.

Level 15


Assuming that this Form 1099-R has code G in box 7, the payer should have put a zero in box 2a instead of leaving box 2a blank.  A blank box 2a implies that the payer does not know the correct taxable amount, which is untrue in this case since the taxable amount is known to b zero.  (Some payers incorrectly think that a blank box 2a means the same as a zero in box 2a.)  To get proper tax treatment in TurboTax, you'll likely need to enter a zero in box 2a of TurboTax's 1099-R form.

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