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How do i put in my social security checks

where do i put it also the intrestn my house
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Level 15

How do i put in my social security checks

Try going to the search box and type in SSA-1099 or Social Security Benefits.  That will give you a Jump To link to take you directly to it.



Enter a SSA-1099, SSA-1099-SM or RRB-1099  under

Federal Taxes on the left side or top

Wages and Income

Then scroll down to Retirement Plans and Social Security

Then the second line - Social Security (SSA-1099. RRB-1099) - click the Start or Revisit  button


2020 1040 line 6a is the gross Social Security amount and 6b is the taxable part of Social Security.


Up to 85% of Social Security becomes taxable when all your other income plus 1/2 your social security, reaches:

Married Filing Jointly: $32,000

Single or head of household: $25,000

Married Filing Separately: 0


Level 15

How do i put in my social security checks

The Free Edition does not have Itemized Deductions so you have to upgrade to Deluxe to enter mortgage interest.  


But Do you think you will have enough to itemize?  The Standard Deduction has increased so many people will be switching to the Standard Deduction.  And there is a max 10,000 limit (5,000 MFS) of property tax and state taxes "SALT".  SALT is State And Local Tax.  Which includes property tax, any state tax paid like for last year’s return and includes any state withholding from your W2s and any 1099s you have. And any taxes in W2 box 14 and 19 like SDI or VDI. You can only deduct up to 10,000 (5,000 MFS) for SALT State and Local Taxes.


For 2020 the standard deduction amounts are:

Single 12,400 + 1,650 for 65 and over or blind (14,050)

HOH 18,650 + 1,650 for 65 and over or blind

Joint 24,800 + 1,300 for each 65 and over or blind

Married filing Separate 12,400 + 1,300 for 65 and over or blind

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