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New Member

Taxes, Stimulus Check

I have a few problems
1.I am in the military, and so I was told I've been paying back taxes to NY these past 3 years without needing to. 
Apparently if I do not live in the state for over 30 days I am exempt from paying them.
2. I filed my 2020 federal taxes in February, but the date I was supposed to get the refund was on 03/03/2021. I'm not sure if I entered the wrong bank information or somehow the process with the IRS didn't go well. Is there a way I can fix this problem? I'm not sure if the taxes issue is why I didn't receive a stimulus check.

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Expert Alumni

Taxes, Stimulus Check

You are correct about the New York (NY) state rules for military personnel who were residents when they entered the military.


Rules for military members and their spouses

Exception: If your domicile is New York but you meet all three of the conditions in either Group A or Group B, you are not a New York State resident.

Group A

  1. You did not maintain any permanent place of abode in New York State during the tax year; and
  2. You maintained a permanent place of abode outside New York State during the entire tax year; and
  3. You spent 30 days or less (a part of a day is a day for this purpose) in New York State during the tax year.

To review any additional information about these rules click here.


The IRS is behind schedule due to the many changes this year and the recent enactment of the American Rescue Plan.  They are working to determine best actions for these changes and processing returns while accounting for stimulus payments previously received as well as any third stimulus payments. As long as you have confirmation your return was accepted you should not be concerned at this time. Here is a link to help you check your bank information.

New Member

Taxes, Stimulus Check

Then why was $438.00 taken from me? I also need to know why Turbotax is saying I'll get back $889 back but I only received $561.90

Expert Alumni

Taxes, Stimulus Check

We do not have access to your tax returns to see how these numbers were computed.


Was the $438 the amount of a stimulus payment or something else?


Did you elect to pay for fees out of your refund?

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