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Rent a chair in a beauty salon where do I report my wages?

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Rent a chair in a beauty salon where do I report my wages?

You would just total up all cash, checks, and credit card income deposits that you received as income in 2016 and enter them, along with your business expenses, on your Schedule C in Turbo Tax. 

Log into your tax return. 

Use the search box in the upper right hand corner. 

Type in "Schedule C" in the box. 

This will bring up the "Jump to Schedule C" link...click that link. 

From here TurboTax will ask you some specific questions about your business. 

You'll be led through a different screens asking you more questions regarding your business. 

You'll also be taken to a screen to enter your income (this is where you can lump all your income together, or list the specific types...cash, check, or credit card income and put it in General Income).  Once you've entered your income and clicked Done and/or Continue.

Turbo Tax will bring you to the screen for you to choose what expenses you would like to enter onto your tax return

Option 2

Salon income is considered self-employment income and you have to complete a Schedule C which is found in TurboTax Home and Business (desktop) or TurboTax Self-Employed (online).

To enter this in TurboTax Self-Employed (online) or TurboTax Home & Business (desktop):

  • Start under the Business tab
  • How do you want to enter your business income?, then I'll choose what I work on
  • In the "Business Income and Expenses" section, next to "Profit or Loss from Business", click Start or Update
  • The next screen will ask "Did you have any income and expenses for a business in 2016?". Answer Yes.
  • Follow the interview until you reach "Let's confirm your business info". Verify everything is accurate, then Continue
  • Enter Business Information, click Continue
  • Tell us about your business, click Continue
  • Enter Employer ID Number, If Any, click Continue
  • Do you use the cash method of accounting to run your business?, click Continue
  • Did you make any payments that required you to issue a form 1099?, click Continue
  • Do any of these uncommon situations apply to your business?, click Continue
  • Let's confirm your business info, click Continue
  • Your Business page
  • Go to Business Income
  • Business Income, then Click Start.
  • General Income, click Start
  • Tell us about additional income (Please note: it states Make sure to include any income reported on Form 1099-K and income from a barter or exchange)
  • Type in your description,  click Continue
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