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Form 8582 AMT

My Turbotax Premier 2019 Windows desktop software is accurately creating Form 8582 forms, reflecting PAL carryover from 2018.  But this year, unlike in years past, Form 8582-AMT (including pages 2 and 3), are not being created.  I need these forms to properly carry forward PAL (AMT) into 2020.  They have always been created in years past using Turbotax.  (I did not use TT18, and therefore did not import data into 2019 from TT 2018.  I manually entered 2018 carryforward amounts for Regular and AMT purposes into each K-1 worksheet). 


I can artificially get the 8582 AMT forms onto my "Forms in My Return" navigation bar on the left, by "overriding" the taxpayer name (but actually changing nothing), but this then creates errors for e-filing.  And even if the AMT versions are in this list, when I do a full printout of all forms "for review", (all worksheets), the AMT forms are left out of the PDF.    I can manually print each Form 8582 AMT individually for Pages 1 and 2, but Page 3 will simply not even print!


How do I get TT19 to create these AMT forms and make them available for printing?



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