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Turbotax 2020 calculation error

I filed a return with all the correct information, including the stimulus received, and expecting a refund. But over 2 months later, the IRS refund status is still in process. Can't figure out why, called IRS (you'd be lucky to get thru a person). Had been running TT update every time I open the software. Just a couple weeks ago, the return I opened popped up the stimulus screen, asking if it is correct. And since it is, I clicked yes, and the calculation took the stimulus credit $600 off the refund amount.  So what's up Turbotax? Being that the refund is to pay the babysitter, the sitter is not gonna wait for the IRS refund to get paid. Anybody experienced delay in their refund? check your software update.  I thought of filing 1040x (will have to pay $600) but TT says to wait for IRS correction or communication, as this will take another 12 weeks. Wow TTax, disappointing. 

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Turbotax 2020 calculation error

Do not amend for that.  Did you have an amount on line 30?  If it is wrong the IRS will adjust your return for you.  That could delay your refund or even turn your return into a tax due.



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