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Turbo Tax payment issue

Turbo Tax,

So, I see your email telling the specific  date that Turbo Tax is taking the filing fees out of my account automatically.
1) The agreement was for my filing fees to be taken from my refund.

2) When and or where did I give Turbo Tax the authority to take funds from my personal account?

3) When I gave Turbo Tax my account information, it was for the purpose to direct deposit my refund.

4) If Turbo Tax does take the filing fees from my account, when my refund does get deposited to my account, will we be charged again?

5) If so when will I be reimbursed for the double charge for filing via direct deposit?

6) Finally, I’ve used Turbo Tax software for 25 years, I’m thinking and I’ve been very impressed with all the factors of Turbo Tax through today. Maybe it doesn’t matter to Turbo Tax how vocal I’ve been over those 25yrs supporting Turbo Tax and would actually like to know how many users use Turbo Tax today because of it, Hmmm?? 
Turbo Tax, this is an awful decision on your part and I’m sure that if Turbo Tax  does take the filing fees in this manner, it will cost you many long term users and possibly hinder what could be new Turbo Tax users. Just something to think about, it’s sad that everyone has used the Pandemic to take advantage of people!!!

please advise on what to do if I’m double charged.

Im Out

Good Luck

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Turbo Tax payment issue

See this TurboTax support FAQ for payment of the account fees -


Just a word of warning -

Regardless of which tax preparation software vendor you use, if you are offered the option to pay the account fees from a tax refund, they all will have caveats in the agreement where they can access your account to pay for the fees if the refund is reduced or delayed.


So do NOT use that option.  Pay for the account fees up front with a credit or debit card so this situation will Never arise. 

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