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What is Box "d" Control Number? This is off Tuition Statement

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What is Box "d" Control Number? This is off Tuition Statement

The Box D Control Number is a code that identifies your unique tax document in another computer's database.  This number is typically assigned by the processing (data security) software of the entity issuing the tax form, and is only needed if attempting to electronically import your data into a tax software program (like TurboTax).  Please note that not all tax documents will necessarily include a Control Number.  Your alternative to importing a document is to simply input the same information manually.

The actual Control Number itself is basically irrelevant to completing your tax return, unless you wish to import; and it that one instance it is a required element.  In other words, the Control Number you see on your tax document, whatever the number or document is, will never increase or decrease your actual tax refund (or your amount owed) by a single penny.

If you type in your tax document information manually (normally recommended), then you won't even need to be concerned with it.  However, if the TurboTax software ever indicates any sort of error, and requires a Control Number input of some kind, even where you've manually entered your data, then please input the actual number, if you have one.  If you don't have such a number, then you can just enter any value that the data field will accept (you may need to try a few variations).  This will not pose a problem, since as long as you've manually input your data, whatever you type here won't change your tax return.

We hope this information is useful to your needs; and thank you for asking this question.

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