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New Member

I get an error message on 1098-t

I am entering the information as it appears on my 1098-t but it will not allow me to continue. It reads I must fix the boxes before continuing.
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Expert Alumni

I get an error message on 1098-t

If you have error messages to fix your 1098-T form and you have "copied and pasted" to enter some of the information, it might have spaces or other invisible formatting characters that are causing the errors.  Please be sure there are no extra spaces before the entries or after the entries. 

Note:  Buttons that don’t work or fields that don’t allow entry

If you are using Turbo Tax Online, the most likely reason for buttons that don't work or not being able to enter information is that something in the web browser is not displaying the page properly.  The easiest way around this is to simply use a different web browser.  You can select from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.   If you need to install another browser, be sure to go to the trusted home site for the software for security reasons.

If you are using the Turbo Tax Phone App, then try opening Turbo Tax in the browser window on your phone.  It will use the same login information but may display the page better.

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