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New Member

Where do I put a NOL carryback amount?

Completing Form 1120S for 2013 to calculate for a NOL carryback. Need to know where to put that NOL amount.

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Level 9

Where do I put a NOL carryback amount?

A NOL would mean that your personal tax return (Form 1040) has total negative income.  Is that what you are talking about for your 2013 Form 1040?  
Level 2

Where do I put a NOL carryback amount?

TurboTax does carry your NOL forward.  You can see this in the Desktop products in the “Federal Carryover Worksheet” on Line 14.  This same worksheet is available in the On-Line products.


Form 1040, Line 21 is input by the taxpayer and can be either a positive or negative number.  The menu path for this input, in the Home and Business Desktop product is as follows:  Personal>Personal Income>I’ll choose what I work on>Less Common Income>Miscellaneous Income>Start>Other Reportable Income>Start>Any Other Taxable Income?>[Yes]>Other Taxable Income, Description, Amount.

New Member

Where do I put a NOL carryback amount?

You can use the NOL carry back by submitting form 1045.  You do not also have to complete a form 1040X. File one or the other.

Individuals may use Form 1045 to claim a quick refund resulting from the carryback of an NOL.  Form 1045 must be filed on or after the date for filing a tax return for the NOL year (2016).  Form 1045 and the instructions can be downloaded from See

If you do not file a Form 1045, you will submit a Form 1040X to process the NOL. If you file a 1040X instead of a Form 1045, you still must attach the NOL computations using the Form 1045 computation schedules. 

If you choose to file a Form 1040 X, the net operating loss carryback is reported on line 1 and the box for Net Operating Loss Carry Back should be checked.

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