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California efile Form 568

Reposting this question because I have yet to get a direct and clear answer.


I filed my taxes (California LLC 2 members) and my 568 was not ready yet.  Apparently the efile 568 will be ready Feb 26th. I spoke to Turbo Tax phone support and they told me that Form 568 is not finalized yet. It will be final as of February 26.


However, my e-file return was sent, and accepted, as of yesterday. Had I known the form was not ready yet I would have waited.


The efile went through and was accepted by the state, but how can it be complete if my 568 is not ready yet?


So on February 26th I will be able to open the software and update, and then create a Form 568 for my records (something I cannot do yet)


My question is, how can my electronic filing be complete if the Form is not finalized? Do I have to go ahead an mail it in as well? How do I know it transmitted. When I opened the Form 568 on the Forms tab the Form says "Do Not File" on it in red letters.


I want to make sure that everything the state needs has been sent.

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Returning Member

California efile Form 568

I STILL do not have a clear answer on this. If I can't get a clear answer I will not be using Turbo Tax for future tax purposes. This is unacceptable.

Expert Alumni

California efile Form 568

Once IRS finalizes a form, then the software developers have to update it in their software and file with IRS for Paper Print approval and E-file approval if it is a form that can be e-filed.


The CA Form 568 is only able to be paper printed and filed in TurboTax, not able to be e-filed.


Please close your return, update the TurboTax software and then re-open your return to verify the availability of the CA 568 for paper filing.


Here is a link to a site for Availability of TurboTax Forms in the software:

State Availability of TurboTax Forms


If you are still having difficulty, please contact product support for assistance.



Returning Member

California efile Form 568

If I indeed have to mail it in, why does my receipt from Turbo Tax say this? Its very confusing and I keep getting mixed messages. I am quite frustrated with this experience and will be looking into other methods next year unless I can get a clear, straight answer.



 Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 9.03.58 AM.png

Expert Alumni

California efile Form 568

Yes, the CA 568 is now available for paper filing in TurboTax and the e-file version is not supported currently.


The 568 for the single member LLC is available in the individual return TurboTax, but the multi-member LLC form 568 is available in the TurboTax Business software.


CA FTB will give you an e-file waiver if your software does not support the e-filing of the form.


The CA 568 available in TurboTax Business is available for paper filing and e-filing according to the following chart:

State TurboTax Availability chart for TurboTax Business


TurboTax Forms Availability for all Versions including TurboTax Business but you have to select the version once you open it 


[Edited 03/03/2021|12:51 pm pst]


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