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Why was my check deposited in a Civista bank 19

I recently went to file my taxes for 2018 I paid $140.00 cash after I was asked if I wanted the check to come to my house or direct deposit I told him I would rather the check come to my house , he explained to me that it was dangerous because they tend to steal checks on the mail he asked me if I wanted my check delivered to he’s office instead I agreed , I got the called that my check was there when I picked up my check it was a cashiers check not the original it’s check he explained that he had direct deposited into an account and that they had charged me a processing fee of $536.00 dollars on top of the $140.00 cash I had paid to file !!!!! This is a rip-off I need help please my original tax return was supposed to be 3,272 & I’m only getting 2,740 . There has to be a way to get my full return it’s mot fair I work my ass off !!
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Why was my check deposited in a Civista bank 19

Who is the he you keep referring to?


If you used TurboTax to complete and file your tax return and requested to have the TurboTax account fees paid from the federal tax refund, then the only way to receive the federal tax refund is by Direct Deposit, never a check mailed to you.  The Refund Processing Service fee is paid to a third party, Santa Barbara Tax Products Group.  The service charge for this option is $39.99.


You need to explain who you were dealing with and the company you contacted for your tax refund check.

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Why was my check deposited in a Civista bank 19

The tax preparer that I went to prepare my taxes with charges me $140.00 up front to prepare my return , he told me that my check would be deliver to he’s office when I got called to pick up my check it was a cashiers check with $536.00 less than what I was supposed to be getting . He claims that Civista bank is charging $536.00 as a processing fee but why was it even deposited in the first place if it was supposed to be delivered & $536.00 plus $140.00 cash it’s absurd honestly !! People like him needs to be stopped!