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Why was my check deposited in a Civista bank 19

I recently went to file my taxes for 2018 I paid $140.00 cash after I was asked if I wanted the check to come to my house or direct deposit I told him I would rather the check come to my house , he explained to me that it was dangerous because they tend to steal checks on the mail he asked me if I wanted my check delivered to he’s office instead I agreed , I got the called that my check was there when I picked up my check it was a cashiers check not the original it’s check he explained that he had direct deposited into an account and that they had charged me a processing fee of $536.00 dollars on top of the $140.00 cash I had paid to file !!!!! This is a rip-off I need help please my original tax return was supposed to be 3,272 & I’m only getting 2,740 . There has to be a way to get my full return it’s mot fair I work my ass off !!