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New Member

Where’s my refund and stimulus?

I filed in March, said it would take 3 weeks. I paid extra for support/audit protection…. The works. They(Turbo Tax) deducted $150 from my account last week and I still haven’t received any payment. This is bogus, I paid for the extra protection and they have just taken my money and left me in the dark. 

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Level 15

Where’s my refund and stimulus?

See this TurboTax support FAQ for payment of the account fees -


The IRS is seriously behind in processing 2020 tax returns.  This is due to many factors, such as the pandemic, completing processing of millions of 2019 tax returns, stimulus payments, unemployment compensation exclusion tax refunds., changes in the tax code by Congress in the middle of the 2020 tax season and the like.


Millions of taxpayers have not yet received there federal tax refunds.


Go to this IRS website for operational status -


As of June 5, 2021, we had 18.2 million unprocessed individual returns in the pipeline. Unprocessed returns include tax year 2020 returns such as those requiring correction to the Recovery Rebate Credit amount or validation of 2019 income used to figure the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). This work does not require us to correspond with taxpayers but does require special handling by an IRS employee so, in these instances, it is taking the IRS more than 21 days to issue any related refund. If, as a result, a correction is made to any RRC, EITC or ACTC claimed on the return, the IRS will send taxpayers an explanation. Taxpayers are encouraged to continue to check Where’s My Refund? for their personalized refund status and can review Tax Season Refund Frequently Asked Questions.


Once a tax return has been Accepted by the IRS or a State, TurboTax receives no further information concerning the tax return or the status of any tax refund.


If accepted by the IRS use the federal tax refund website to check the refund status -


After the tax return has been Accepted by the IRS (meaning only that they received the return) it will be in the Processing mode until the tax refund has been Approved and then an Issue Date will be available on the IRS website.
See this IRS website for federal tax refund FAQ's -

Level 15

Where’s my refund and stimulus?

First the 21 day is only an estimate based on the NORMAL processing times but we are not living in normal times.  At not time was the refund guaranteed to happen in 21 days as TT has no control over how long the IRS will take to process the return.  


Next the audit protection package you bought ... this only helps if you actually get audited.  Right now the return is being delayed in processing and is not being audited.  If they make corrections to the return due to the recent tax law changes and/or the stimulus credit then again those are not audits but corrections.    Now m once you get an letter of explanation of the changes you can use the audit protection service to  understand the changes if you don't understand them yourself.   

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