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New Member

What files to restore after crash?

Lost program in a crash.  Restored system and have a backup with all the files.  Which files do I absolutely need?  Do I restore all that are in the right date range?
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What files to restore after crash?

You have to reinstall the program from the CD or download it again.  For 2020 you only need the data file ending in .tax2020.   Or the .tax2019 file to transfer into a new 2020 return.  The files should be in your Documents in a Turbo Tax folder.  


Did you already file?  Then you need the pdf and .tax2020 file.  Actually you should copy all the .tax files and pdf files for each year in case you need a copy or need to amend.

New Member

What files to restore after crash?

Thank you so much for the response.  Yes, i e-filed in March. 


Here's my situation.  I suffered a catastrophic failure about 2 weeks ago.  I have been able to restore a replacement machine from a very recent Acronis backup (lucky that), but for some reason TurboTax 2020 did not come in.   All my earlier versions and files are there.  I have an older backup from May where I can see TT 2020, all the files, registry keys, and yes, I found the data and the pdf file after your note.  I bought this back in late 2020 as an electronic download from Costco, and I have that record, as well as the record of my filings in March.  But Intuit does not show any downloads available to me, and says  I need the non-existent cd.  I have not been able to find the downloaded file on the backup, probably because I deleted it after using it.  Anyway, I am kind of stuck. 


I see a couple of paths:


1.  Restore the pdf and manually file my amended return (that's why I'm looking for the program).


2.  Restore the machine to the may backup, file the amended return, and then restore back using a current backup (saving the data and pdf files off line, obviously).


3.  Try restoring all the TT and Intuit files I can find on the May backup in hopes that the program will run, and get the data file and pdf too.


4.  Restore the data and pdf files and beg Intuit to let me download and activate again based on my purchase receipt and e-file history.


I lean towards #4, but I don't want to commit to a plan till I have some reasonable assurance it will work.


Any thoughts?




What files to restore after crash?

If you bought it from Costco you have to download it again from Costco.  Log into your Costco account.


Do you have access to your emails?

I helped my friend buy the Mac program download from Costco. It went very well. You first get a confirmation email that says…..

"You will receive the redemption code, normally within the hour, via e-mail. To ensure delivery of your redemption code emails to you inbox, please add CostcoEDelivery@esd.synnex.com to your Email Address book or Safe list."


The 2nd email with the activation key came in 20 minutes. Make sure to write down or print out the 16 digit Key on the email. It is right above the Download Link. Then click on "Click Here" in the email to download the program and follow the install instructions.

New Member

What files to restore after crash?

To close the loop, I have solved this with your help and some tech guidance from an outfit called Zinstall.  Using Zinstall, I was able to restore the entire program from my Acronis backup, and it ran and updated right away.  But, I needed to activate it nevertheless.  This is where Costco came to the rescue.  I called and in about 15 minutes had an email with my activation code.  Voila!  TT activated, amended returns prepared and filed, activation code saved.


I am really impressed with the Zinstall program.  It was a a bit confusing to a non-techie, but with live chat and some no-fear gumption, I got it to work.  Kudos.


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