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What do i do if i received a corrected W2 but nothing changed?

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What do i do if i received a corrected W2 but nothing changed?

If you have already filed your tax return, and this is the only "new" information you would otherwise have to add to it, then you need do nothing at all.  The reason is that you are not required to amend a tax return if there has been no change to the taxpayer information included with your original return.

A "corrected" W-2, with all of the same data as the original W-2, does not represent such a change in taxpayer information . . . in fact it's no change at all.

If you have not already filed your tax return, and the two W-2s are otherwise identical, then it doesn't matter which one you use to input your taxpayer information into the software (and onto your tax return) because the data would be identical.

That said, is this really what you mean to ask?  Is your "corrected" W-2 truly identical to your original W-2?  Or, rather, is it that your corrected W-2, when entered into the tax software, did not produce a different dollar amount for your tax refund (or your tax liability), when compared with the refund amount obtained by using your original W-2 data?

Well, even if that is the case, then you still don't (legally) have to do anything with your corrected W-2, because your actual refund hasn't changed, even where the corrected W-2 numbers may be somewhat different than the original W-2 figures.

So, whichever way you look at it, and however the question is interpreted, you will be fine doing nothing with your corrected W-2.  You are not required to take any action with it.

Thank you for asking about this.

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