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New Member

Refund changed to 0 by IRS

In my 2021 taxes I answered NO to the question about Recovery Rebate Credit, Turbo Tax changed my refund to $2,087.

IRS insist I received a direct deposit to my bank account.  I have not. The IRS person on the phone was providing no explanations and I perceived her as somewhat rude. She was sure I got the deposit. I provided her with my bank account info to what she said is not what they have, it was very difficult  talking to her over an international call.

Also she said I owed money from 2020 and was taken from 2021 refund, my bank account shows a payment to the IRS for the amount she said I owed.

Talking to the IRS is almost to impossible taking over two hours on hold to talk to someone live.

Is there someone who can represent me and help me with talking to the IRS?

Thank you.

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Level 15

Refund changed to 0 by IRS

@cgav96 wrote:

Is there someone who can represent me and help me with talking to the IRS?

Not here and probably not free of charge. You might want to try contacting an enrolled agent.

Level 15

Refund changed to 0 by IRS

The 3rd Stimulus payment started going out in March 2021 and is for 1,400 for each person listed on your tax return, no age limit. The IRS used your 2020 (or 2019) return to send the checks out fast. If your 2021 return changes and you qualify for more you can claim the extra as the Recovery Rebate Credit on 1040 line 30. But line 30 is only if you didn't get the full amount or qualify for more. Not the amount you already got. The IRS also sent out letter 6475 to tell you how much they sent you . If you are married then each spouse should get a letter for half.


Double check your bank statements and check your IRS account (both accounts if married) to see what they sent you.


If you didn't get the 3rd Stimulus check but the IRS shows they sent it to you then request a trace for a missing third Stimulus payment

Level 15

Refund changed to 0 by IRS

@cgav96 - some suggestions


take a look at your transcript at IRS.GOV for both 2021 and 2022 to see what happened.  That may make things clearer to you. 


I am a little confused about what you are actually complaining about..... so a few questions


1) what was the refund (be exact) you were expecting from the tax form your submitted?

2) how much did the IRS adjust that by - be exact

3) what is on Line 30 of Form 1040? 

4) did you receive the 3rd stimulus payment between March - May, 2021  Check your bank account closely before responding.  do not do this from memory. 

5) On your transcript, do you see a credit for $1400 in March, 2021 - yes or no.


responding to my questions and reviewing the transscipt may create a simple path forward 


Level 15

Refund changed to 0 by IRS

you may want to contact a Taxpayer Advocate in your area.  See this IRS website for Taxpayer Advocate in your area and a toll free number -

New Member

Refund changed to 0 by IRS

Thank you for your reply.

1) I expected $2,087 refund.
2) Adjusted to 00.00
3) Line 30 of 1040 is 1,400
4) I checked my bank accounts and no deposit was made, I did not get a check either. I was able to talk to an IRS person and she insisted I got a direct deposit to my account. I read my bank routing r and account numbers to her and she said is not what they have on record. 
5) I have not been able to open my account with the IRS, IDme is not very user-friendly and refused my attempts to open the account every time. Very frustrating.
The lady also said that they deducted $259 that I owed from 2020, this is very weird because I have a Bank deduction for that amount paid to the IRS on 5/17/21.
I will make another attempt to open my account with the IRS to see if I can obtain the transcripts.
Thank you very much.
Level 15

Refund changed to 0 by IRS

@cgav96 - so a big part of the problem is that the IRS records indicate they sent you the stimulus, but you state you didn't receive it, so we have a stalemate!  the way to resolve that is to complete the tracer form and send it in - the IRS will figure out what really happened to the $1400.


just call this number and there is an automated system that can initiate the trace 







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