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Good news! I wonder why the app doesn’t refresh on time?

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@nortonkd Once your return has been accepted by the IRS, Turbo Tax doesn't receive updates regarding your refund. The best place to check is the IRS's Where's my Refund site.


@Anonymous I wasn’t talking about the TurboTax website, but thanks anyway. 


I have had no updates since being accepted 2/12. WMR still on one bar.. I’m hoping I have no issues this year. I can’t pull up my transcripts which is so annoying so I just sit and wait 😡 if I usually get my refund on Wed, does anyone have any idea when I should see an update? I can never remember 



@drj311 Where's my refund isn't very up to date this year.


Per my transcripts my refund will be issued Tuesday but WMR still only shows they were accepted and being processed. Several others have noted the same this year


@drj311 @nick112207 is right. The WMR app isn’t updating, but my transcripts say the 24th for DDD. I can’t believe you still can’t look at your transcripts. I had that issue twice, but it was fixed by the next day. 


@drj311 I usually get my refunds on Wednesdays as well, but I am having the same issue as you. My transcripts read N/A except the wage which is blank and my account transcripts only a my stimulus refunds on there. I only have one bar on wmr too. Hopefully we’ll have an update next week.


@th0126 @nortonkd @nick112207 thanks for that, it makes me feel alittle better! 

I really hope that’s the case for me. If I could just pull up my transcripts it would make me feel better, but I can’t. I’ll just keep checking and hopefully it just gets deposited this week!

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Have you tried viewing your transcripts through an IRS Account?  See here to view or create an IRS Account.


Online Account is an online system that allows you to securely access your individual account information.  You may view: 

  • The amount you owe, updated for the current calendar day,
  • Your balance details by year,
  • Your payment history and any scheduled or pending payments,
  • Key information from your most recent tax return,
  • Payment plan details, if you have one,
  • Digital copies of select notices from the IRS, and
  • Your Economic Impact Payments (EIP 1 and EIP 2), if any.
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Yea I know how to access them but it says my answers cannot be verified so I am unable to pull them up. 
Still no update on WMR, on one bar still.I had my fees taken out of SBTPG. Friday on a whim I checked SBTPG web and it showed they had no information. Now today, Monday it looks to have changed. I see a red ring which I know is the fees and total deductions. It shows expected amount but the amount received is at zero....I’m hoping this was a step in the right direction since I didn’t see this last week when I checked. Praying I will be getting a DD this week... wondering if anyone else see this too? 


@drj311  My fees are coming out of Republic bank and it says they haven't received my refund yet but my DDD is 2/24 and normally I get it 2 days before, so I'm hoping this evening that will change. 


@drj311 I had forgotten all about the SBTPG site! I logged on & it says my refund amount & one of the fees, but doesn't say I've been paid yet. I also have a DDD of 2/24.


@steveandkristen I am seeing the same, except I have no solid DDD on WMR or on transcripts since I can’t see them. I’m hoping I have the same DDD of 2/24. I’ll keep checking SBTPG since WMR seems to not be updating lol. Let the stress begin 😅

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Turbo Tax will not have a status on your refund. If the IRS website says processing, this means they are working on it.


Please use this link to track your refund from the IRS. Where's my refund?


Additional resource: Frequently asked questions

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Just wanted to update everyone who may in the same boat as me. I think I will be getting DD tomorrow! YAY! WMR still stuck on one bar, and I know the IRS has announced there are many issues with WMR updating. I chose to have my fees taken out with SBTPG, so when WMR wasn’t updating, I chose to keep checking them because I knew if they received it I would. At first, it couldn’t pull any info up. Then on Monday, it changed to a full red circle, with the fee amount but the paid amount was zero. So I felt that was a good sign! So, I kept checking randomly all throughout the night last night, and early morning, and it finally updated to a green circle with paid  date of 2-23-20 at around 8am EST. I bank with BOFA so I don’t expect to see any $ until tomorrow, since I usually get my refunds on Wed, so I was really hoping I was in the 2/24 DDD batch, and it Looks like I am! Anyway, just wanted to share for people who chose the fees to come out, keep checking with SBTPG, and remember they are on the west coast. This may give you some insight if you don’t get an update on WMR or transcripts. 

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