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New Member

Where is my 8396 form?

I own a home and paid interest on my mortgage all year. I entered the info from my 1098 before i e-filed but i do not see a 8396 form in the 1040 in my docs. I qualify for the mortgage interest tax credit. Did i make a mistake and will now lose that money?

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Where is my 8396 form?

you are mistaken.  form 8936 is for electric vehicle credits.  there are no federal credits for mortgage interest

New Member

Where is my 8396 form?

HACKITOFF, you misread the form number that the OP asked about.  Form 8396 is indeed the form for the mortgage credit certificate (MCC), while the Mortgage Credit Certificate is not commonly known, it is a real thing.  I too have an MCC and when I was working on my return the other day I received a notice from TT that the form was not ready in this program yet, but should be available when it is time to file next week.   

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