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State failure

Filed Federal and State MARCH 5, 2018. Received federal refund. Checked state and they never heard of me. Turbotax apparently has no way to

1. find out what happened to my State return

2. allow me to refile my state only

3. give me any kind of intelligent answer over the phone unless I PAY first

Does anyone know of a different site which would allow me to file my state return only?

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Intuit Alumni

State failure

Hello, @tonykfairley


When you e-filed on March 5, did you get an email confirmation? After you e-file you should have gotten an email (or emails) letting you know if your taxes were accepted or rejected. I'm wondering if perhaps your state taxes were rejected for some reason since your state entity didn't receive it. If this is the case, you would've received an email with instructions on what to do.


If your federal taxes were filed and accepted, you should still be able to efile your state. Here are some details:


If your state taxes are completed within the program, another option is to print and mail them in.