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federal return rejected due to conflict with another filer

I prepare my daughters tax returns.


She is in the middle of a contentious divorce.  She has two children with the other party.  He apparently filed first and claimed one or both of the children.  As a consequence when her return was submitted it was rejected.  Turbotax does not say why but it does ask if the SSNs of the children are correct.


The question is this:  Can I go back and redo the tax return to remove one or both of the children as dependents and refile using Turbotax efile?

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Level 15

federal return rejected due to conflict with another filer

Sure. Since the return was rejected you can make any changes you want and then resubmit.  As an aside, if the children lived with her she would have the right to claim them in which case you could mail her return with the children as her dependents and let the IRS sort it out. 

Level 10

federal return rejected due to conflict with another filer

You can also remove the children from the return and e-file if she will get a refund.  Then amend the retiurn, when amend is available in TurboTax late in March.


On the amended return add back the children and credits that she is eligible for.  Then print the amended return, have her sign and date it, and prepare a letter to the IRS explaining that someone else clamed the children as dependents.


The IRS will sort it out, but it will probably take some time for them to get to it.


Also apply for identify protection pins for your daughter and her children.  Then no one else will be able to use their social security number to file a return.



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