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No information on my mailed return from Feb 2022 1st week

I mailed my return in the first week of Feb 2022. I had to mail it because this time I had to send my wife's ITIN application as well. It's been 5 months now and there's no information at all. "where's my refund" says the entered info is incorrect.

But I know that my mailed returns were received by the IRS because late March I received my wife's ITIN number, using which I mailed my state returns as well.

I got my state returns already last month. But there's still no sign of federal returns.

I'm planning to go out of country for a 3 or 4 months starting from August. I'll be moving out of my current apartment as well.

What should I do in this scenario? If IRS sends me important info, I won't be in the country to receive it.

Please help!! 

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No information on my mailed return from Feb 2022 1st week

unfortunately, given the backlogs at the IRS, especially for paper returns, your experience is typical.  it might be another 3-6 months before they process your return.


My suggestion: fill out a forwarding address with the post office so that anything important will be forwarded to you.  You can do it online. Is there someone in the US who you can designate to receive all your mail? 







No information on my mailed return from Feb 2022 1st week

Early February to late May is not even 4 months yet, not 5.

Returning Member

No information on my mailed return from Feb 2022 1st week

I mailed mine in mid February and still nothing. I am on the IRS web site all the time and they sent me a letter saying it maybe 20-30 more days. Well that was more than 30 days ago. So it's getting close to 16 weeks since I mailed the taxes in. Last year which would be 2020 taxes they told me they did not receive my taxes and I had to refile. That is what caused me to not be able to e-file this year.  After all this I am e-filling next time no matter what it takes. 

No information on my mailed return from Feb 2022 1st week

@chrislind2 You could have used zero as your AGI to e-file but now it is too late for that.










IRS link pertaining to processing of 2021 returns:




 It can take weeks  (or a LOT longer since the IRS is severely backlogged) for anything to show up on the IRS site when you mail a tax return.

If  you mail a tax return (or a payment) to the IRS, it is a good idea to use a mailing service that will track it like UPS or certified mail so you will know it was received.


When you mail a tax return, you need to attach any documents showing tax withheld, such as your W-2’s or any 1099’s. 


TurboTax will not know anything about your mailed return, and will continue to show “Ready to Mail” on your account.  TurboTax will not know that you put your tax return in an envelope and took it to a mailbox.  TurboTax does not get updates on mailed  (or e-filed) returns.


When the IRS opens its mail and begins to process mailed returns you can check the status on the IRS site. https://www.irs.gov/refunds


State returns have to be mailed to the state.





If you are wondering if you should send your return again——the IRS does not want you to file a second time.   Putting two tax returns into the system at the same time can lead to confusion and even more delays.   If you did not use tracking and do not know if the return was received—-you have to make your own judgment call and decide if you want to risk further delay by sending the return again.

**Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to offer the most correct information possible. The poster disclaims any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained in this post.**

No information on my mailed return from Feb 2022 1st week

@chrislind2 - have patience.  the IRS processes paper files in the order received.  They announced yesterday they have completed all paper returns submitted through 2021, which means they have yet to begin processing ANY paper filed returns submitted in 2022 (regardless of tax year)..... so figure 6-9 months from the time you filed before they process the return.

No information on my mailed return from Feb 2022 1st week

Returning Member

No information on my mailed return from Feb 2022 1st week

I finally received my refund from the IRS. I filed a paper return. It took 18 weeks and they deposited the money in and my checking account even though I did not authorize it, but that's okay. I will file online next time no matter what hoops I have to go through to do it. I received interest in the amount of $2.96. I have no doubt I will receive a 1099 so I don't fail to pay taxes on that interest payment. I see the IRS is reflecting the current efficiency of most government agencies these days and even my local trash service is failing me. I am so glad to be retired and for the most part watch everything fall apart around me from the sidelines. I think I will make it if I can continue to recall wear I buried all my money.🤔

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