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How long will filing an 8862 delay my refund

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How long will filing an 8862 delay my refund

Filing form 8862, Information To Claim Earned Income Credit After Disallowance, should not delay your refund processing. Once you are accepted, you are on the IRS payment timetable. The IRS issued more than 9 out of 10 refunds to taxpayers in less than 21 days last year. The same results are expected for 2015.

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How long will filing an 8862 delay my refund

I was accepted and IRS told me 6-8 weeks for my refund after faxing back thhe 1095A and 8962, I had it set up dd and was wanting to know will it still be dd or mailed? HAs anyone had to wait the 6-8 weeks or sooner to show a ddd

How long will filing an 8862 delay my refund

The original Q was about Form 8862, not 8962. They are different forms.

How long will filing an 8862 delay my refund

It will take longer than the normal expectancy most will get it 21 days or sooner. For some reason a lot of people using turbo tax or another entity forms 8862 and 1095A was not received by the IRS. This tax year has been HELL and stressful.  Below are my dates as of today:

.FILED thru turbo tax 1/30  --electrically, no indication the forms were missing

.Accepted by IRS on 2/1

.TTurbo had expected refund on 2/21
-- this date came and went called IRS, Called IRS on 2/21, rep said missing these two forms and have to wait for the 12C letter. I didn't wait and faxed my docs on 2/26 - but of course that was not mailed till a few days after 2/21 and didn't get that letter till 3/1 -- and you will need this letter 12C to get the right fax number for your file, otherwise it will go to another place in USA and get backlogged to where it need to go.

.On 3/4 I faxed two forms again to the fax number on the letter, in a few days that Thurs, the WMR finally updated to 152 Refund notice.

.The second week, cycle 11,  on 3/15 I was able to FINALLY get a Account Transcript. And didn't get updated again till next week which is today 3/22/2019, which I FINALLY got a DDD that it will be next Wed! OMG, this has been awful!  

-- So to answer your question, bottom-line, (1) the soonest you get that 12C Letter that lists the RIGHT FAX NUMBER, it moves a lot faster, if you send to any of the other fax number what someone else has it can delay it more due to sent to a differ depart or state, IRS seem to have many sub-offices across USA with different fax numbers and phone numbers. I would advise to keep up with dates and constantly check your account transcript because that is the only way for us to know what is going on, the WMR don't work and is delayed  the T.Turbo home page is inaccurate because when there is a problem with IRS

--HIGHLY recommend, hint to T.Turbo tax that they should assist in updating their platform for our home page filing accordingly, not just us to WMR if not it leaves us customers franticly searching forums, calling IRS several times, confused, so much stress that is unbearable,etc, because we all are still tied to this process, i.e, Turbo hasn't gotten paid if for sure we selected it to be taken out of the refund -- and since if correct the t.turbo software is tied to IRS, so IDK, just that this process was so disorganized, and a lot of lack of information.

Also, if your tax refund don't come before April 15, then Turbo Tax will notify you in late March they will deduct the filing fee if you didn't pay it at time of submitting your tax return. Good luck and eventually you will get your refund, you just have to stay on top of it, check IRS no issues besides what you need, etc.

How long will filing an 8862 delay my refund

Of course you would have had no delay if you had entered the 1095-a which populated the 8962 on the original tax filing. Sadly due to IRS understaffing, anything requiring human review is taking much longer than it has in the past. Once you return has been corrected for the missing information it still has to go through the regular processing system.

Think of the return process as a long pipeline and along the way your return can be siphoned off two side pools where it will await a human to process the returned. Once you pass that stopped point it's put back into the pipeline where it can be stopped more than once. The more stops it makes the longer it will take for the refund to be issued.

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How long will filing an 8862 delay my refund

I need a afrom8862 to fix my return

How long will filing an 8862 delay my refund

If you efile it with the return it may or may not  delay the return ... if it does it could be weeks ... but if it is required then do so ... filing it after the fact will delay things by months. 

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