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New Member

How do I track my Florida tax refund?

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Level 15

How do I track my Florida tax refund?

EDITED 1/20/2020:


The following answer I originally provided on 1/17/20  is for state returns in general--not Florida.  I don't remember that your question had specifically said "Florida" at the time (was it edited after the fact?), or I may have read it too fast. ☹️  But in any case  Florida is an exception since it has no state income tax.     For Florida, you can ignore my original answer here and scroll down to see my comment lower down on this page about the Florida situation you may have encountered.





You won't know anything about the state return until after the Federal return has been accepted or rejected.   If the efiled Federal return rejects, the efiled state return will also reject.   For most filers, the IRS will not start processing returns until January 27.  A few returns are pulled early each year for testing purposes.  


You can check the status of the Federal and state efiles by logging back into your account and looking at the Status displayed at the Tax Home.  


Once the state efiled return has been accepted, here's how to check on a state refund.  Click on your state at the following FAQ:


FAQ:  How do I track my state refund?


TIP:   While you're at your state's tax website, also look for a statement or FAQ that may say about how long it takes to get a refund in your state and how to long to wait before phoning them.   Some states are fairly quick, while others can take a long time, even weeks, as they crack down on fraudulent returns.

Employee Tax Expert

How do I track my Florida tax refund?

Florida doesn't have a state income tax. 

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Level 15

How do I track my Florida tax refund?

@ schiedaev22 

Did you edit your question and add the word "Florida" to your post after you wrote it on Friday, or did I simply misread it and overlooked the word "Florida?"   I was thinking it originally said "how do I track my state tax refund."   So I provided a general answer about state tax refunds.   If I simply misread it, I apologize.    In any case, the following is what I usually provide for anyone who asks about Florida:


Florida does not have a state income tax.   Only people who have Florida businesses or rental property with tangible personal property have to file a DR-405 with the county property appraiser by April 1.



If you don't have a Florida business or rental property with such tangible personal property, then you do not have to file a Florida return.  You can choose to skip the Florida return, or delete the Florida return before paying and filing if it's not needed.


It looks like you are using Free Edition and didn't have to pay for a state return.  For anyone in a paid product who has already paid for a FL return and don't need it as explained above (don't have a FL business or rental property with such assets), you can talk to TurboTax Customer Support and tell them you didn't need it.


FAQ:  What is the TurboTax phone number?

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