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How did I file2019,when I haven't given any figures yet?

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How did I file2019,when I haven't given any figures yet?

What do you mean you do not have any figures yet?

Did you work for an employer?  They were required to provide your 2019 W-2 by the end of January.

Are you self-employed?  If you have not received a Form 1099-MISC for your self-employed income you can just enter the amount of SE income you received without any form.


Do you receive Social Security benefits or retirement income?  You should have received a From SSA-1099 for SS in January or a Form 1099-R for retirement in January.

Do you have a brokerage or financial service account and you sold an investment?  The Form 1099-B, 1099-INT or 1099-DIV should have been available in February.

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How did I file2019,when I haven't given any figures yet?

It depends whether you have the forms Champ DoninGA listed to report your income. If you did, then go to the TurboTax website to sign in or create an account to begin reporting your information.


If you did not have sufficient income to report and are not required filing a return, then report direct deposit information to the IRS.


However, the portal has not launched yet. TurboTax has a registration so that he can be notified. Go to this link to sign up and look for the registration: TurboTax Updates for Stimulus Payment Registration.

You can visit the following links for the most recent updates:

IRS Coronavirus Tax Relief

TurboTax Corona Virus Tax Center Updates



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