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New Member

How come I can't print a "complete" copy of my 2018 federal return?

Need to see itemized deductions?
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Level 15

How come I can't print a "complete" copy of my 2018 federal return?

 If it's giving you the Standard Deduction and  not showing you Schedule A you can check the actual amount of itemized deductions by using by going to
Tax Tools on left
Tools - Topic Search (top left box)
Type in  itemized deductions, choosing.  It should highlight that in the list, click on GO

Then Click on "Change my deduction". That will display the actual amount of itemized deductions vs. the standard deduction.    (Be sure to uncheck "Change my deduction" after checking it so you do not lock in the wrong deduction.

How to change between the Standard Deduction and Itemized Deductions
<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=">

This year deductions are changing and several will be limited.  There is a max 10,000 limit of State, local, property, and sales tax (SALT) deduction.  And employee job expenses have been suspended.  You can only deduct Medical/Dental that's over 7.5% of your AGI.

FAQ on 2018 changes <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="">htt...>

Deductions that have been suspended for 2018
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Level 15

How come I can't print a "complete" copy of my 2018 federal return?

You can peek at only  the Federal form 1040 and the summary of the state info by going here:

1) lower- Left side of the to the left side of the "Tax Tools" text selection.
2)  then select "Tools"
3) then select "View Tax Summary" from the pop-up
4) then back to the left-side and "Preview 1040"

Then hit the "Back" on the left side to get back to your tax entries.

To view your entire return using the online editions (including the state) before you file, you will need to pay for your online account.

To pay the TurboTax online account fees by credit card, without completing the 2018 return at this time, click on Tax Tools >>> Tools  and then Print Center.  Then click on Print, save or preview this year's return.  On the next page, to pay by credit card, click Continue.  On the next screen it will ask if you want Audit Defense, if you do not want this option just click on the Continue button.  The next screen will ask for all your credit card information so you can pay for the account.


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