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2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

Just another update 

filed 1/11 

accepted 1/27 

no PATH message this year so far

1 bar with topic 152 

nothing but zeros on transcripts and it says “no return filed” 


got an update for my state though. 
it’s in its “final review stage. In pa. 
but hasn’t been released yet (of course) 

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

Filed on the 27th.

accepted on the 27th.

received DD for the 19th

WMR update to "Path Message” on the 1st.

state of Ohio sent a offset letter on the 4th.

Received the rest of my state return on the 8th.


Every year they take the message away in the middle of Feb and 3-7 days later i have my refund. WMR never updates until the week after i have already received my refund. I do have funds coming out for filing as i do every year. For the past 4 years I’ve received my refund between the 19- 26 never on Sunday, however as early in the morning as 5:00 am and as late as 1:30 pm.

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

@Shelbyashirley same here. Still 0s across the board and says no return filed

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

@Shelbyashirley  I am in the same exact boat as you.. all zeros on transcript no path only topic 152 on wmr.. this is driving me crazy this year 

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

File 01/28

Accepted same day

WMR Updated to path message last Saturday


My question is, did anyone's transcript update today? I ask because Thursdays is usually when they update. Mine hasn't changed from last week's. Seeing if anyone elses has.

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

PROCESSING DATE Feb. 17, 2020"

 Does this mean my deposit date is 2/17?


2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

@bkcJr777  i am in the same boat as you.  Same dates.  Still sitting on path.  I expect we'll see soemthing this weekend.  My tax situation has been the same for years.  Refund never later than the 22nd or so.   


2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

@bkcJr777  I checked mine today and it shows a processing date of 2/17/2020. I'm not sure if that's my deposit date. My wmr is still showing the path act message.

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

off topic a little bit....but when checking my WMR I noticed I could enter my refund and be off a few dollar or two and it still gives me my information.  That is strange isn't it. 

I noticed I have been entering $2 less this whole time than what my acutal refund was via turbo tax  and I was still getting the information.  I tried entering the difference by $100 and then of course it said information was incorrect.  However, within a few dollars apparently it will give you the info... I tried it again with $2 the other way and it also worked.   

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

Now how can someone tell me about my refunds! LOL I mean for the past five years I've been doing my own taxes and I have been receiving my tax refund on the 16th. Oh and I've used MY RushCard so if you never used a RushCard don't sit here and tell me about my refund

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

My wmr still has the return is still processing message. Technically since my federal was accepted 1/23 today would be 21 days. If I called irs tomorrow would they tell me anything?

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

So my understanding but the processing date is that today he process whatever pending action is on your account. Wether that's paying out your refund, they're clarifying certain information, or whatever. I have a few extra codes pending on mine, but I'm not sure if that's due to the fact I have to file an 8862 in conjunction with my taxes.


As for the dollar amount, someone earlier in the thread mention that. I think it's more of just a generalization, not a big deal. They use your social to look up your information your refund amount is just kind of a verification. Why it's not super accurate? No idea.

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

@Andreamunoz002 If you're receiving your refund via bank deposit then the answer will more than likely be no because Monday is a holiday. It will probably be around Wednesday.

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

@bkcJr777  Mine haven’t changed mine usually don’t change until Friday so 🤞🏾

2020 Pathers EITC/ACTC Update here

No mine didn't had bars then no bars but mine has the path act measeage but turbo tax gave me a DDD of Feb 17th

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