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2018 Tax Return Amendment (Unique Situation) Please HELP



I left out my 1099 Form B from RobinHood for 2018 Tax Year. I went into Turbotax today to amend. I couldn't locate the .tax file 2018, so I select new tax return 2018 option to amend. I only entered the income from RobinHood. I then submitted on TurboTax.


Is this okay? Or did I have to redo everything.. I already submitted it. Does TurboTax submit the online version directly to IRS?


Now I have the form 1040X with just the extra income reported. Do I have to include adjusted income from 2018 year too and add it? Or simply just list out the income I left out.


Or can I just print out the 2018 original return filed, and then attach the new 1040X Form with the extra income gained from brokerage. I'm so confused please help.

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2018 Tax Return Amendment (Unique Situation) Please HELP

the 1040x must start out with the return as originally filed.      creating a new return online - not sure how you did this - in the same account you used to prepare the original will delete the original return. 

see this link

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2018 Tax Return Amendment (Unique Situation) Please HELP

It sounds like what you really did--   if in fact you did it today on 10-29-19 --     is make a mess of your already filed tax return,  You need to change it back to EXACTLY the way it looked when you filed it originally.  You will need to amend your tax return, but you cannot do that yet.


First, you have to wait for the return to be fully processed before you amend.  AND the system is now in transition from 2018 to 2019 software.   You cannot do anything "new" online now.  You have to wait until later in December when the transition is complete and then you can prepare a Form 1040X to amend your 2018 return.  And as already stated, you must be able to work from that original return exactly as it looked when you filed the return.


And amended return has to be printed signed and mailed.  It takes the IRS about 4 months to process an amended return.

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