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Gymbo Baggins
Level 2

1040 X

Ive completed my amended tax return for 2020 now that my return has been received and accepted by the IRS.

There is an Issue I have on the1040 X form in a section labeled "original 2020 return payments smart worksheet".

It is claiming in section C a large payment made to the IRS that I am not aware of making.Additional tax paid paid after return was filed?? where in the walk through would this credit on a payment be listed so I can review. I would like to submit this amended return but I made no payment with my return when filed . I did ,however notice,  the amount I owed the IRS was substantially lower a short while after I initially filed. so now I think this worksheet assumes I made an initial IRS payment or I inadvertently listed this amount by error. I wonder also if this applied credit/payment is due to an update in the tax law. 

2 Replies
Level 15

1040 X

Do not amend until the first original return is done processing and you got the first refund of paid the tax due.  So just wait.  Did you have any unemployment? If you filed early before the 10,200 unemployment exclusion the IRS will automatically recalculate your return.  


Why are you amending?

Gymbo Baggins
Level 2

1040 X

my original 2020 tax return claims I owe 16,400.00

final updates from turbo tax has reduced this amount to closer to 9000.00

I planned to file the amended tax return once my original return was accepted. that happened a few days ago and the IRS has me owing the original 16400.00 plus some penalty interest. Im wanting to get this squared with them asap. is this still waiting to be recalculated by the IRS for the 10200 credit. Im lost

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