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Getting Over Bad Money Decisions

Last week, on the Turbo blog, we talked about ways to forgive yourself and move on from past financial mistakes. CFSW, Marsha Barnes, shared five key ways to move on and get better with your money:


1. Recognize previous spending behaviors and forgive yourself in the process

2. Create a tangible plan addressing one issue at a time

3. Remain dedicated to the process

4. Remind yourself often of your current goals and where you want to be in the future

5. Patience is a virtue; stay the course


What do you think of these tips? Anything you would add from your own experience?


Check out the full post here:

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Level 7

Getting Over Bad Money Decisions

Being in a financial turmoil can affect you emotionally as well. I have personally been in such a dire situation and I took a long time to pick myself back up again. It wasn't an easy phase to have to go through and initially I thought there was no way out. I had friends and family for moral support and that kept me going strong. I had assistance with the finances from a local institution and they also had a financial counselor to help lay out a 5-year plan to put things into perspective.

Level 7

Getting Over Bad Money Decisions

congratulation to you. I am learning to establish a plan, insist..

Level 7

Getting Over Bad Money Decisions

I was once in the exact same financial situation and that phase of my life was so critical that it changed me. I have learnt to be more careful with my spendings and I only spend with money that I have. In short, I only buy things that I need and can truly afford. Being debt-free is what I aim to maintain moving forward.

Level 5

Getting Over Bad Money Decisions

@D_Hamilton  Thank you for sharing.  Was the help you received a program that was offered by your city or a private institution?  For those reading, many cities offer free financial coaching.  Go to your cities dot gov site and look around if in need of financial coaching or know someone who is.