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New Member

Why are you trying to rip us off?

Why do you sell Turbo Tax Deluxe version for thirty dollars higher on your website than at (plus I received an extra $2.50 off for using my Redcard)?

2 Replies
Level 15

Why are you trying to rip us off?

  One thing be sure you are comparing the same Deluxe.  In the stores Deluxe comes 2 ways, Deluxe with a state program and Deluxe without state.  They are both listed at Target.  Turbo Tax only sells Deluxe with state.


And yes, you can usually find it less in stores.  So shop around.

New Member

Why are you trying to rip us off?

Because the U.S. economy depends less on competition and more on carnivorous capitalism, which, as compared to progressive capitalism, requires companies to prioritize profits over citizen welfare. We believe that maximizing our profits at the expense of consumers' pocketbooks is the best way to stimulate an economy that rewards the investors and lenders. Always remember the time-honored maxim: Let the buyer beware. Your success at saving money on your Turbotax purchase simply proves the case. Congratulations.

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