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New Member

Where do i enter form 3921 information? (Turbotax 2019)

Where do I enter the information form form 3921? I exercised my incentive stock options and didn't sell. 
When I get to the AMT section, I selected "I need to make an AMT adjustment to my investment income or expenses" option. I'm not sure what put in "Gross investment income", "Net gain from disposing of investment property", "Net capital gain from disposing of investment property"

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New Member

Where do i enter form 3921 information? (Turbotax 2019)

You do need to report the exercise of ISO stock if you did not sell all of the stock before year-end, and you do that by entering Form 3921 into TurboTax.

The interview you need is the "ISO Exercise and Hold" interview that's in the "Investment Income" section.  That's where you'll enter your Form 3921 and that's where TurboTax gets its information for the AMT adjustment.

After entering all your other income/deductions/credits information cruise through the "Alternative Minimum Tax" interview that's under the "Other Tax Situations" tab.

If you sold some or all of the stock then you can use the Form 3921 to help determine the basis of the stock when you enter the sale via the "Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Other" interview.

So, enter the Form 3921 if you didn't sell all the stock by year end using the "ISO Exercise and Hold" interview.  You can enter the Form 3921 if you sold some or all of the stock during the year and use the ISO "guide me" stock sale interview.  

New Member

Where do i enter form 3921 information? (Turbotax 2019)

Hello, I have this same problem in Turbotax 2020.  How do I get to the "ISO exercise and Hold" Interview?

Employee Tax Expert

Where do i enter form 3921 information? (Turbotax 2019)

Reaching the "ISO exercise and Hold" can be completed by using the steps listed below.

  1. Open your TurboTax online account
  2. Click on Federal on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. Click on Wages & Income
  4. Scroll all the way down to Investment Income > Click on Show More
  5. Click Start next to ISO Exercise and Hold
  6. See the images below for assistance

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