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New Member

Website wont allow me to file.

Every time I try and login to continue my tax return I get directed to the website stating I do not qualify for free file.... I don't care if I qualify and am more then happy to pay just like the last 5 years on this same website, do you no longer offer an option to file, and is it only an application for families who are under the threshold? 


I have done 95% of the tax return and would prefer not to use someone elses services.

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Level 15

Website wont allow me to file.

@ JayMack51 

Had you already been using the TurboTax IRS Free File Program site instead of the regular Online TurboTax site?


If you started using the TurboTax IRS Free File Program website and later find out you don't qualify, the only way out of it is to either use a different account (different User ID) or to download the started tax file and use desktop software.  If you keep logging in with the same User ID, it will keep taking you to the TurboTax IRS Free File Program site.   If you start a new account (or if you already have another account under a different User ID), you'd have to start over.


Or here's a way to keep from starting over.  You can download the *.tax2019 data file you started there at the Free File Program website and open and finish it in the desktop software (CD/download) that can be purchased.  We can tell you the steps if you want to go that route.

New Member

Website wont allow me to file.

It seems like a big mis step on Intuit's side not to include an option to continue as a paid service if you don't qualify for the free program. If I am going to start over, I would rather give the business to a company that has thought these things through.


there is no option to save my progress and use the paid option?

Level 15

Website wont allow me to file.

Sorry, but there is no way I know of to move from the TurboTax IRS Free File Program to a paid edition.  If you want a second opinion, this is the same info offered by other Super Users, such as:


What we were told is that the IRS requires that commercial software companies keep IRS-associated Free File isolated from their commercial products, I presume so that no software company has an advantage if a user doesn't qualify and is locked in.


I believe even if you choose to "Clear and Start Over" (which defeats your purpose), it will still only let you choose to start over in the Free File Program and not offer you the TurboTax commercial products.  I don't have a way to test that to see if you could clear it, keep the same account and choose a paid Online TurboTax, but it certainly would not retain your return data in any case.  I've always seen users being told to use a different account.


As I mentioned above, there is an option not to have to start over, but you'd have to buy the CD/Download software either directly from the TurboTax website or possibly at a discount from a reputable authorized online retailer like Amazon, Costco, Staples, Office Depot, etc.   If you decide to switch to desktop software, you can download the *.tax2019 data file from your TurboTax IRS Free File account, and then open/finish it in the software.  


We can give you the steps to retrieve the data file if you decide to pursue that option.  If it were me, I'd make sure I could actually retrieve the data file before buying the software, just in case you have any trouble getting the tax file.  Once I successfully had the *.tax2019 data file "in hand", then I'd buy the software.


All of the desktop products can handle the same tax forms.  They differ mainly in the amount of help and guidance.   Basic Edition does not include a state program and cannot import from ItsDeductible.


Desktop Deluxe comes in 2 versions--one that is a combo Federal and State, and one that is Federal-only.  If purchased from the TurboTax website below, Deluxe is the combo Fed and State version.  If purchased elsewhere, you have to be careful which Deluxe version you are buying.


Be aware that in the desktop editions, there is a 19.99 fee to efile a state return (rises to 24.99 later in filing season).  There is no state efile fee for New York state returns.   Also no fee to print and mail the state return.


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