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Level 2

Two-step verification with landline?!

I'd like to set up two-step verification.  However, it seems that it requires a cell phone with text messaging.  I read that you can add an authenticator (e.g., Google Authenticator), but the Intuit web pages indicate that is an *additional* step AFTER setting up and verifying one's cell phone # with a text message.


Oddly, elsewhere, Intuit's help pages mention that the two-step process can involve EITHER a text message or a phone call.  (See next post.)


I've hesitated to set up two-step verification because I can see a nightmare of it requiring & trying to send a text message to a landline -- and, then, my never getting back into the account again!  I'd rather not gamble and end up having to go through the hassles of Account Recovery.


Can anyone confirm whether Intuit will call a landline or whether you can set up an authenticator without using a cell phone and receiving a text message?






Moderators:  Please move this to the appropriate forum.  I was unable to find a "Post a Question" button under Data and Security.  All that included were answers.

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Level 2

Two-step verification with landline?!

Here's the web page where it mentions the finance industry standard for two-step verification:


"Usually, you'll get a verification code sent through a text message or automated phone call."


I'm hoping that Intuit has a way of making the automated phone call for verification, but I couldn't find it!

Level 15

Two-step verification with landline?!

Sign onto your TurboTax account -

Click on Intuit Account at the bottom left of the screen

Click on Sign in & security

If your Phone number is not shown or needs to be changed click on the Phone box

In the box for Phone select Voice call and Continue

If you wish to turn on Two-step verification click on the Two-step verification box

Select Voice call and click on Turn on

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