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Turbotax Premier 2019 tax Filing

I filed my 2018 taxes using Turbotax 2018 using Premier.  I saved both a PDF and a Premier formatted file of the tax return.  My refunds and payments were properly executed in 2018.  I just purchased the 2019 Turbotax Premier edition only to find that you are telling me that I did not file with Turbotax in 2018 or you do not have the member name that I have used during the last 10 years of filing my taxes with Turbotax.


I have used every tip that you have given me to add my 2018 data with that of 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014 which you indicate that you are storing in your data files.  I need for some tech whiz at Turbotax to call me and walk me through the process of again uploading my 2018 tax data for you to add to my account.


Please have someone that understands that apparently Turbotax did not properly process my 2018 filing and get my data properly stored.  You have both my home and cell telephone numbers in my account file.



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Turbotax Premier 2019 tax Filing

Sorry it does not work that way.  The user forum is not a conduit to customer support to get them to call you.  YOU have to initiate the call yourself.


To call TurboTax customer support

They are available from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific time  beginning January 6

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Turbotax Premier 2019 tax Filing

If you used the Desktop CD/Download program for 2018 you can not save or store your return in your online account at Turbo Tax.  And Turbo Tax won't know you did a 2018 return.  The pdf and .tax2018 files are only saved on your computer.  


Are you using the 2019 Online version or Desktop program?  Do you want to transfer 2018 into 2019?  You can transfer a Desktop return into the Online version.


How to transfer into the Online version


How to transfer into Windows Desktop


How to transfer into Mac Desktop